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Joyeux Noel and Happy New Year!

December 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments · Blog, Books, Off-track

Wishing you all a fantastic time off for this end of year!
Be it with friends, family, or any way you will spend it….
The Au.Tra.Sy blog will be no exception and go into a short “hibernation period”.

Will Christmas bring the Bear back? We shall not care - we are systems traders...

Will Christmas bring the Bear back? We shall not care - we are systems traders... image credits: alicepopkorn@flickr

I certainly seem to have hit a (small) motivation “roadblock” and slowed down in my research/development of a trading system in the last few weeks. So these few days break are most welcome to “recharge the batteries”.

Looking back at the last 3-4 months the blog has been live, I feel pretty happy of the experience and the path it has taken. Traffic has been decent for this kick-start period so it seems that you are happy too – which is encouraging. It takes time to keep a blog, up but it helps keep me on track! I have also “met” (by email, blog comments, forums, etc.) some great people that pushed me to further some of my reflexions and learn new things. You are part of this, so thank you!

If you have any further suggestions about the blog, please let me know by email or by commenting below – I always appreciate every single comment.

Selection of posts

If you have joined recently you might want to catch up on these selected posts:

Xmas Reading Linkfest

Also, I did not want to let you with nothing “to chew on” while I’m away, so I am sharing a list of reading material that I will probably go through in the Christmas break:

Note about the FTC

Note that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has changed some rules regarding blogging endorsements. As I get paid (a little – literally pennies) off the links to Amazon – including purchases you make while on Amazon that I did not link directly to – I added a disclosure page highlighting just that and other things about the blog. I am not sure I have to (as I am based in London) but a little transparency does not hurt – and it’s also a friendly reminder that you can support the Au.Tra.Sy blog by starting all your Amazon shopping here ;-)
Rest assured that when I review or recommend books, I only do so if I liked them/found them useful (or not in case of negative reviews…) and all my library books actually sit on my bookshelf (+ some that I have not deemed relevant, or read yet!…).

2009 Closing

These are most likely my last online words for 2009… Have fun and see you on the other side for a great new decade!

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  • George

    Merci beaucoup!

    Thanks for all the great links. And congratulations on the blog! It’s great that it is doing well. Blogs’ results are cumulative, so as time goes by the traffic will grow and grow.

    Don’t worry about that motivation stuff. If you are interested in Automated Trading, the desire to make progress will naturally return and increase. I know it has for me!

  • Josh

    Happy holidays Jez, and looking forward to your comeback in great form.

    I think there are some steps towards our common goals which can be a period of plateauing, of no results. It’s a matter of soldiering on.

    George, I like your site and ideas as well. Glad to connect with you guys.

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