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Wizard Bill Dunn Video Interview

Bill Dunn is one of the earliest Trend Following Wizard that we track on this website. He started in 1974 and is famous for having trading the “same” model ever since.

He now manages $183M in his WMA program – from his website:

DUNN’s WMA is a 100% systematic long-term trend-following program which began trading
in November 1984. WMA utilizes DUNN’s original trend following algorithm developed in
1974, encompassing a portfolio of financial, energy, metal and agricultural futures markets.

Dunn WMA program performance since inception

Dunn WMA program performance since inception

In his “other life” Dunn is chairman of the Reason foundation, a non-profit think tank who also publishes Reason magazine: Free Minds and Free Markets. Their ideas are mostly libertarian – which seems to be a common theme among some Trend Followers: maybe a case of talking their books (or is it the other way around)?

Below are 2 videos of a Dunn interview by Michael Martin from the MartinKronikle.

The first video starts with a discussion of the Reason foundation and Dunn’s political views of the markets and regulation. At around 7:00 he starts discussing how he started the fund and how they changed the composition of the portfolio for fear of liquidity issues.
Check that eyebrow action on the intro:

Dunn also discusses the difficulties of dealing with emotions while following the system.

The second video is a continuation of the interview where Dunn provides his advice on somebody wanting to get into Trend Following (starting at around 7:00)

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