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CSI – Au.Tra.Sy: A new Partnership for 2011

January 7th, 2011 · 7 Comments · Data

Just a quick note to let you know that CSI and Au.Tra.Sy have partnered to offer the readers of the blog a 10% discount on new subscriptions to CSI data and their software Unfair Advantage. Simply go to their order page and make sure to enter the coupon code LIBERTY.

I use CSI as my main source of data, including for all the research published on the blog and I have no problems recommending them.

So, when they approached me with a proposition for a “partnership”, which could also benefit the blog readers, I did not really hesitate.

I hope some of you can benefit from this offer – and unlike the January sale, it will be there all year.

Disclaimer (in the interest of transparency): any reader signing up to CSI using the coupon code would result in an affiliate commission – on top of your discount. A win-win proposition in a way. Note that I am a paying CSI customer and have been enjoying their data services for 2 years now (I use the Gold World Futures package and am about to get the Gold Stocks package).

For more info on CSI, please find below is a list of posts I ran a while ago on CSI data, their API, etc.:

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  • Tom

    I’ve been using CSI for 11 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


  • Ron

    Hi, yesterday I used your CSI Raw Data Extractor for US Bond Futures (#44) and it worked but I think it extracted adjusted data and not raw data. I bought raw data from CME to compare but I couldn’t find that the raw price matched. Interestingly, when I extracted last August, it did match the CME raw data.
    Any idea why not now?

  • Jez Liberty

    Ron – Sorry I did not reply earlier. It seems that I stopped receiving emails for new comments…
    The first step I would do is extract the CSI data “manually” via Unfair Advantage GUI (one or two contracts) and compare that to your CME data as well as the API extract. This will establish whether the CSI data is different from the CME data or whether the API data is different from the actual CSI data.

  • GP


    what UA version you use this software? I’m trying with and it’s not working.

    Thanks for your help

  • Jez Liberty

    GP: I do not have access to my computer with UA installed at the moment but I will check that for you when I get back to it.
    I have unfortunately heard of other people trying to use the software and having issues with it, without identifying what the problem is.

  • Moritz

    Hello Jez,

    I am using UA and I am getting an error when executing your file, for detail please have a look at:

    If possible, please let me know what it needs to fix this.

    thanks a lot!

  • Jez Liberty

    Moritz – this might be related to the fact that CSI do not activate the API access by default any more I believe…
    Try and get in touch with them for them to allow this and hopefully this should work.

    Also, I compiled this exe for a 32-bit Windows, so I suspect it will not work on a 64-bit…

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