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Wisdom Trading – Global Futures Broker
Trading Systems, Extensive Market Coverage and Managed Accounts.

Wisdom Trading is my broker of choice for futures trading systems. They run Trading Blox, which I use on this site for all simulations and testing, and they offer trading systems to clients and/or execution of your own system on your behalf (so that you do not have to run the daily grind management of it). They have one of the most extensive market coverage (important for diversification), really know their stuff, and are very friendly and professional to boot.
They have my full recommendation!

Trend Following Wizards performance
Monthly performance review of Master Trend Followers

Trend Following Wizards historical performance
Historical Performance of Trend Following Wizards (1990-2009)

State of Trend Following Report
Tracks standard Trend Following systems to monitor the performance of Trend Following from a general perspective.

Risk of Ruin and Drawdown Calculation Tool
Calculate the risk of Drawdown or Ruin for a trading system

Code and Tools published on the site
Can also be access through the “Free Code” link in the banner

Unfair Advantage / CSI 10% Discount Coupon Code
Similarly to Wisdom Trading, CSI have my full recommendation. Simply the best EOD data for futures.